Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Investigating gods and others myths

You can use this link to answer these questions about: 
  • God of war and violence.
  • Goddess of daylight. 
  • God of time. 
  • Goddess of the Earth. 
  • God of the sea. 
  • Goddess of marriage. Wife of Zeus 
  • Goddess of beauty and love.
  • God of the heavens.
  • King of the underworld. God of the dead.
  • Goddess of agriculture.
  • God of darkness.
  • Goddess of the hearth.
  • God of love.
  • God of light, music, and poetry.
  • Goddess of wisdom.
  • God of fire and the forge.
  • God of thunder. King of the gods.
  • Goddess of the hunt and the moon.
  • Goddess of night.
  • Messenger of the gods
  • Number of labors Heracles had to do for King Eurystheus.
  • Weapon of Heracles.
  • A nine-headed monster that Heracles defeated.
  • A place where animals are kept.
  • Animal skin that Heracles wore.
  • Animals that Hera sent to kill Heracles when he was a baby.
  • How many days it took Heracles to clean the Augean stables. 
  • Greek hero with great strength. 
  • The father of Heracles. 
  • Three-headed dog that guards the gates to Hades. 
  • An animal that Heracles had to captures on Crete. 
  • Greek goddess who caused great trouble for Heracles. 
  • The god who helped Heracles get the apples of Hesperides.
Monsters and others creatures 
  • A half-man and half-goat creature.
  • A monster that was half bull and half man that lived in a labyrinth.
  • A monster with a human head and lion's body that gave riddles to travelers.
  • A creature with the body of a horse and torso of a person.
  • A flying horse. 
  • A very large humanoid monster.
  • A giant with one eye.
  • Sea monsters that used beautiful singing to lure sailors to their doom.
  • A woman with snakes for hair. She could turn people to stone.
  • A serpent with seven heads. A monster with the body of a bird and the head of a woman.

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