Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Welcome to Bilingual Project

A new year begin and we need to do a big amount of work.
Wellcome to Biligual project!
But we need too enjoy with the work. It´s the reason we use this blog

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Investigating gods and goddess

You can use this link to answer these questions about: 
  • God of war and violence.
  • Goddess of daylight. 
  • God of time. 
  • Goddess of the Earth. 
  • God of the sea. 
  • Goddess of marriage. Wife of Zeus 
  • Goddess of beauty and love.
  • God of the heavens.
  • King of the underworld. God of the dead.
  • Goddess of agriculture.
  • God of darkness.
  • Goddess of the hearth.
  • God of love.
  • God of light, music, and poetry.
  • Goddess of wisdom.
  • God of fire and the forge.
  • God of thunder. King of the gods.
  • Goddess of the hunt and the moon.
  • Goddess of night.
  • Messenger of the gods

About Greece life

Answer the questions using this link: BBC Bitesize  and BBC
  • Where Western civilization began?
  •  How did the Olympic Games begin?
  • What was the ancient Greece like?
  • How was Greece ruled?
  • When did Greece begin?
  • What was the Trojan War? 
  • Fighting formation. Weapons and armour in the Greek army
  • How did families and women live?
  • Why Athens was great? 
  • What was Greek fashion like?
We learned about Mytilene and its problems with Athens , in this link in activities click on Mytilene, a matter of life and death!, Send me a Summary of the story