Monday, 19 June 2017

Persians vs Greeks

About Greece life

Answer the questions using this link: BBC Bitesize  and BBC
  • Where Western civilization began?
  •  How did the Olympic Games begin?
  • What was the ancient Greece like?
  • How was Greece ruled?
  • When did Greece begin?
  • What was the Trojan War? 
  • Fighting formation. Weapons and armour in the Greek army
  • How did families and women live?
  • Why Athens was great? 
  • What was Greek fashion like?
We learned about Mytilene and its problems with Athens , in this link in activities click on Mytilene, a matter of life and death!, Send me a Summary of the story

Friday, 2 June 2017

Physical Greece map

Where it is Greece?
What are the geographical features of Greece?
What do you know about the physical Greece map?
Names the seas which are surrounding Greece.
Main islands in the Greek seas.
What is today the capital of Greece?
How did the mountains affect life in Greece?
How did the sea help the Greek economy?
Why did the Greeks learn trading with other peoples?

Greece islands: Game