Monday, 17 December 2012


You can see information about Inuit community in these videos:

Perros de trineo (Inuit)
Cargado por raulespert. - Vídeos de ecología, sociedad, economía y sostenibilidad.

and this : Warming efect in the Inuit community

You need to read this text:

,  or look for information on Internet, after that you have to answer these questions:
  1. What kind of climate and landscape do the Inuit live in?
  2. How did the Inuit adapt to their environment in the past? Think about these aspects: activities, transport, houses, food, and clothes.
  3. How has their traditional way of life changed in the last few decades?
  4. Why is the family important to the Inuit?
  5. Who are the Inuits’ gods? Why do they represent natural forces?
  6. The Inuit believe that all objects and forms of nature have a soul. How do you think this influences their attitude to nature and their environment?
  7. Do you think that contact with other cultures has affected the way the Inuit think? How?
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