Sunday, 18 December 2016

Investigation work: Rivers in Castilla y León

We Investigate about the main rivers in our region.

Every  group have 2 people. The work have  these points:

  • Main  rivers in our region (Castilla and leon), with a  river map.
  • Especially the features os the rivers Tera, Esla and Orbigo, features as  sources, basins, flows,  reservoirs ...
  • Especially the differences from winter to summer in their flows.    
  • How  is the way that  we take the water supply for  Benavente?
  • How is the landscape next to the rivers? Type of vegetation.
  • Explain why water pollution  is such a serius problem in the world.
  • Examine two o three especific problems in our rivers: Esla, Tera and Orbigo.
  • Argue what we can all do about it.
Task: Write an essay  with all the information, with pictures.

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