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King Tut Was Murdered

King Tut Was Murdered
By Kevin Meyer

King Tutankhamen�s death is mysterious and the cause of death has not yet been figured out. To some, it was a fatal accident, to others it was an unforgettable murder. Surely it was murder, because of damage and a blood clot found in his skull, but who murdered him is the puzzling question. Anybody that had contact with the king could be accused or at least questioned.
King Tut became king when he was approximately 8-9 years old. Evidence suggests that he was around 18- 19 years old when he died. This is, obviously, a young age to die. Howard Carter, an archaeologist who discovered King Tut�s tomb in 1922, also discovered his mummy. Current technology such as x-rays shows a huge bump on his head and bone fragments in his skull. Because of the physical evidence, the huge bump on his head and with the blood clot found there, King Tut was definitely murdered.

Two minor suspects are the cupbearer and the king�s attendant. They are likely to be among the few that could approach the king without orders and or go into his bedroom when he was asleep. They surely had access and permission to go about in Tut�s room without permission.

After Tut�s death, Ankhespaton, King Tut�s wife, sent away for a prince of the Hittites (Egypt�s enemies) that wasn�t part of the kingdom so that she didn�t have to marry Aye and she could still stay queen. The Hittite prince was murdered on the way to Egypt before he could marry Ankhespaton! Later Queen Ankhespaton mysteriously disappeared after finally marrying Aye the vizier for King Tut!

Another possible suspect could be General Horemheb. He was the powerful army officer that eventually ascended to Tut�s throne. Horemheb was trusted by King Tut. It has already been stated that the Hittite prince on the way over to Egypt to marry Ankhespaton was murdered. Guess who sent orders to have him killed? Horemheb. He was the head of the military and he ordered soldiers to kill the prince. As an army official, Horemheb would be dishonest to investigators in order to keep his job. He wanted the prince dead so that Ankhespaton would have no choice; she would have to marry Aye. Later Horemheb did his best and succeeded in erasing Ankhespaton, Aye, and King Tutankhamen from the Royal Book of Kings and Queens.

The last and most reasonable person who would want Tutankhamen dead would be Tut�s grandfather and also the vizier of Tut, Aye. He was very jealous that Tut became king when he was only eight or nine years old. A lot of evidence shows that Aye is a very reasonable suspect of killing Tutankhamen. After Tut�s death, Aye refused to start an investigation. He didn�t bother to research the dramatic story about Tut�s death and he advised other people not to either. Since people don�t know who murdered Tut Aye and Horemheb most likely were working together.

King Tut was murdered by one of these people. It was a very unfortunate death. The dramatic research is still going on. Remember, King Tut died from something other than natural causes, his mummy shows it.

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